Trump’s campaign fundraising race in the first weeks of 2024 has been relatively weak

The campaign’s payroll includes 21 people, including former Trump administration official Lynn Patton and former White House Navy valet Walt Nauta.

After leaving the White House, Mr. Mr. who went to work for Trump. Nauta is one of Trump’s top aides at the Justice Department. Storage of more than 300 classified documentsand hundreds of other presidential records, at Mar-a-Lago.

Mr. Trump, who has positioned himself as an in-house adviser on some issues of the Trump campaign. It paid $30,000 to a company owned by Boris Epstein, Trump’s legal adviser, and Mr. An additional $20,000 was owed to Epshteyn’s company.

As with every filing since he became a candidate in 2015, Mr. Trump’s clubs were paid for. That is, Mr. Mr. Trump’s campaign, food, rent and other expenses.

Mr. Trump’s November. 15 kickoff. The club also had two separate meal reimbursement charges of $48.44.

Mr. The Save America joint fundraising group appears to have handled Trump’s fundraising expenses.

Beth Hansen, a Republican strategist and former manager of John Kasich’s campaigns for governor of Ohio and president, Mr. He described Trump’s fundraising in an interview as “anemic” for a former president.

The sluggish pace, he said, reflected Mr Trump’s lack of appeal to voters.

“The brand that he had was very attractive to people who were sick and tired of the current situation and sick and tired of being told they were wrong,” Ms Hanson said. “I don’t think we’re a country anymore. And he can’t walk away from that – his brand is so strong.

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Neil Victor And Rachel Shorey Contributed report.

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