Stefanik goes viral after questioning university leaders about anti-Semitism

Mrs. Stefanik called his firing at the time “a rite of passage and a badge of honor.”

Bill Kristol, an anti-Trump Republican who once worked with Ms. Stefanik, said she was in several text chains with fellow Harvard alumni. The overall feeling, he said, “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Elise Stefanik does such a great job of putting Claudine Kay in her place.”

The big political issue at stake, Mr. Crystal said.

“They see this and think, ‘All my suspicions have been confirmed,'” Mr. Crystal said. Mr. For Americans concerned about Trump’s re-election, Ms Stefanik’s moment of seeming vindication was troubling, he said.

On Thursday, Ms. Stefanik said he was proud to strike a chord.

“I’m holding my head up,” she said. “On humanity’s most moral issue, the genocide of humanity, there can be no moral equation.”

Representative Richie Torres, Democrat of New York, agreed among Democrats that Ms. Stefanik was right, but said it did not change his view of her.

“Even a broken clock is fixed twice a day,” he said. “He continues to be a poor demagogue.”

His viral moment was “less about Stefanik and more about the apparent indifference to anti-Semitism among college university leaders. The cross-examination confirmed what we all know — our college campuses are devoid of moral common sense. If I were them, I’d resign in shame.”

Stephanie Saul Contributed report.

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