Ron DeSantis slams Republicans for acting ‘like potted plants’ in remarks to GOP donors

(CNN) State of Florida Ron DeSantis He used a 40-minute speech before a room full of donors Thursday night to confirm himself as governor Who will go places Other Republicans won’t — as other GOP leaders sit “like potted plants,” according to audio of his comments obtained by CNN.

“I’m into crime,” he told the audience at a Conservative Club for Growth event at The Breakers Palm Beach resort. “Some of these Republicans, they sit like potted plants, and they let the media define the terms of the debate. They let the left define the terms of the debate. They take everything that comes in because they’re not doing anything. . . . And I said, ‘That’s not what we do.'”

DeSantis, seen as A potential 2024 presidential contender, did not mention the species during his lengthy speech. However, he defined himself as a leader not just for Florida, but for the country as a whole, describing what he saw as “the courage to lead” in a political climate when others were afraid to “step out and fight.”

The governor of Florida also supported him Organizations’ strongest weapon And before Wall Street’s traditionally business-friendly conservative audience. He criticized CEOs as “weak” for what he described as a “woke gang” pushing environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) principles among other “left-wing” issues.

“Republicans shouldn’t shy away from these fights just because the media and the left are calling you names,” DeSantis said.

Ahead of DeSantis’ upcoming visit to California this weekend, where he will appear at the Reagan Library and speak at a fundraiser for the Orange County Republican Party, he took a shot at the state’s Democratic governor. Gavin NewsomDeSantis and for being “prominent” in Florida.

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“How many governors does anyone care about? I mean, when you go to California, they have all these problems. Their governor is interested in me and what we’re doing in Florida. … It’s unbelievable,” DeSantis said. “Honestly, I know the game. If they’re not shooting, it means you’re not doing anything. They’re after me because I’m standing up for the people I represent. I look at it as positive reinforcement.”

DeSantis’ comments on Club for Growth First reported by Fox News. Spokespeople for the group and DeSantis did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

CNN’s Kristen Holmes contributed to this report.

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