Patrick Mahomes injury update: Andy Reid, Mahomes latest on Thursday ahead of AFC Championship

Thursday, Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes recorded his second straight Full Practice before Sunday AFC Championship Competition vs Cincinnati Bengals. Mahomes suffered a high ankle sprain in his right leg during the divisional round win over the team. Jacksonville Jaguars on Saturday.

Speaking to the media before Thursday’s practice, head coach Andy Reid expressed that pulling Mahomes back on Wednesday was unnecessary. On Thursday, Mahomes explained he’s comfortable with how he moves the pocket.

“His legs are fine now, so he can still move,” Reid said. “So, he doesn’t just throw with a full arm. But he has enough arm. You’ve seen him do that even when he doesn’t have an ankle problem, so he throws some balls with flat feet.”

Reed added that the challenge for the quarterback is working on a game plan designed to beat Cincinnati now that the Chiefs have considered him right. On Wednesday, Chiefs wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster He described the game plan as “fire.”

Unsurprisingly, Mahomes’ preseason week was different than usual. The quarterback explained that because of his injury, he’s coming in a little early for meetings, media obligations and pre-practice treatment — and then there’s more rehab before going home to watch film and sleep.

Once at home, Mahomes described using “one of 8,000 different devices” to help speed up the healing process for his ankle.

“All day long, you have highs and lows,” Mahomes said before Thursday’s practice. “You get ready to go to practice, train as hard as you can – and then, you’re a little sorer than before and whenever you go to sleep form – you get up and do it again.

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“I think I’ve gradually improved all week and I’m just trying to keep doing that: keep the same mentality and push it – but at the same time, be ready to go whenever the game comes.”

An essential part of the week is testing what he can do.

Mahomes and the Chiefs’ athletic training staff seem to have him in a position where he’s comfortable operating from the pocket. Outside of that system, running plays made Mahomes popular may Touchdown vs. Cincinnati.

“I feel like there’s a lot more I can do,” Mahomes said. “We’ll see as we get closer – we’ll see during the game. You can’t fully predict what you’re going to be in those moments of the game, but what I can do is prepare myself. The best way possible – and then, when we get into the game, you hope that kind of adrenaline picks up.” , and you can make those throws when you need to.”

As expected, Reed checks in with Mahomes several times a day to check his status.

“I see Patrick a lot during the day,” Reid explained. I talk to him — I have regular meetings with (head athletic trainer and vice president of) Rick [Burkholder] And he tells me. All I can get from it is Pat – or more importantly, what he does [while] is playing

According to the leaders it has gone well – though Sportsmanship never ceases to amaze the masses who enjoy the NFL.

“No one knows unless they actually put their hands on it and see it — but the best I can do is prepare my body the best I can,” Mahomes laughed. “I’ve seen videos of me walking and everything. I don’t know what you’re really going to get from me walking. But I think people will see where I’m at on Sunday. I will do See where I am on Sunday.

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“I’m going to prepare my body the best way possible during the week to be in the best shape possible.”

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