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6:41 pm ET, December 1, 2023

The families of 3 Israeli hostages in Gaza have confirmed their deaths

From CNN’s Lauren Izzo in Tel Aviv and Johnny Hallam in Atlanta

The deaths of three Israeli hostages taken by Hamas during the brutal October 7 attacks were confirmed by their families on Friday.

From Gaidar

Hostage and Missing Families Forum/Handbook/Reuters

70 year old family From Gaidar According to a written statement by the Hostage and Disappeared Families Forum in Israel, they were informed that he had been killed while in Gaza.

Keitar “loved gardening, swimming in the kibbutz pool, the kibbutz petting zoo, and especially the quiet morning walks among the citrus groves, which she loved so much,” the statement said.

The report said that Keidar was abducted on October 7 while going for a morning walk in Kibbutz Biri.

hand illus

Hostage and Missing Families Forum/Handbook/Reuters

The Hostage and Missing Families Forum also mourns the death of the Israeli hostage. hand illus.

Illouz, 26, was “kidnapped from a nature party in Re’im” during the deadly attacks, the report said.

“His family remembers him as a young and promising musician who worked as a sound engineer for Israeli artist Shalom Hanoch and the band ‘Hayehudim’.

Eliyahu Margalit

Hostage and Missing Families Forum/Handbook/Reuters

Kibbutz Nir Oz announced the death of one of its members “with great sadness,” Eliyahu (Churchill) Margalid76.

Margalith is married to Daphna, the father of Noah, Danny and Nili and a grandfather to three grandchildren, the report said.

He was described as “a true cowboy at heart, dedicated to managing kibbutz stables and cattle ranches for many years.”

Margalit’s 41-year-old daughter, Nilly MargalitHe was abducted during the Hamas attacks and taken to Gaza but was released on Thursday.

Earlier on Friday, IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari announced Eliyahu Margalit’s death.

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