Mysterious respiratory illness spreads to North Carolina dogs

Cary, NC – Reports of a mysterious respiratory illness affecting dogs are spreading across North Carolina. Truss Vet Veterinary Argent Care has seen a disturbing rise in the number of canine respiratory illnesses in recent days, with eight dogs treated for respiratory symptoms in the past 24 hours, more than the total number of cases treated in the entire previous week.

The culprit behind this enigmatic illness remains a mystery, as its symptoms closely mimic those of other viral infections such as influenza. Further complicating matters is the lack of diagnostic tests specifically designed for this particular disease.

Veterinarians at Trus Vet are carefully monitoring the situation, especially for signs of pneumonia, a serious complication that can result from respiratory infections.

Dr. Brad Wafa, a Trus vet, urges pet owners to be alert for symptoms such as coughing, loss of appetite, loss of energy and fever. “In light of what we’re seeing in the West, we’re forced to treat these cases with more scrutiny,” said Dr. Brad Wafa, a Dr. “Out of an abundance of caution, we are now acting with greater discretion.”

Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospital (TVRH) advises pet owners to be on the lookout for unusual behavior or symptoms in dogs such as coughing, eye or nasal discharge, sneezing, loss of appetite, panting and lethargy.

They further recommend that pet owners minimize public outings with their dogs during this time. This is due to the unknown nature of the disease, raising the possibility of dogs contracting the virus in public settings.

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