Kevin Dillon’s Tesla makes an abrupt stop mid-car wash, rear ends


Kevin Dillon

Tesla suddenly discontinued the mid-car wash

… rear-ender bender bender

Kevin DillonTesla took an unplanned pit stop mid-carwash… and cops say it caused a rear-end ripple for some unlucky cars in line behind him.

The incident happened last Monday at an LA-area drive-thru car wash … where cars are usually left in neutral. But, in Kevin’s case, he reportedly accidentally lifted up from his seat, which triggered the brakes … bringing his car to an unexpected halt.

Our sources say this triggered a fender bender with 3 cars behind him. Fortunately, we’re told the damage was minimal.

However, we’re told at least one person complained of discomfort, so law enforcement was called to take an accident report.

We’re told deputies determined the “Entourage” star, not the car wash, was to blame for the crash.

Our sources say there’s even a warning sign at the car wash, warning Tesla owners that any sudden seat movements can automatically shift their car into park, causing injury or damage to their vehicle or others.

We contacted Kevin and the car wash… but have not heard back yet.

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