Jeremy Renner walks the red carpet three months after his fatal accident: ‘I feel so grateful to be here’

(CNN) Actor Jeremy Renner made his first red carpet appearance since suffering serious injuries after being crushed by a snowstorm near his Nevada home in January.

Renner attended the premiere screening of his new Disney+ reality series “Rennervations” in Los Angeles on Tuesday. In the show, filmed before his accident, Renner “repurposes” decommissioned government vehicles and donates them to serve children in needy communities.

Jeremy Renner (C) and family attend the Los Angeles premiere of Disney+’s original series “Rennervations” on April 11.

“It’s a lot of things for me personally,” Renner told CNN when asked about his new project and what it was like on the show. “Now everyone feels as funny about what I’m doing with my time as I did them. But wow, I’m glad things worked out for you. There’s still more to wonder about, and I feel so grateful to be here to continue to find that wonder.”

Renner’s injuries In the accident, in which he was dragged under a moving plow, eight ribs were broken in 14 places, including a broken eye socket, a broken knee, a collapsed lung and a punctured liver. She has been documenting her recovery on social media for months.

Once upon a time The debate was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel Following Tuesday’s screening, the late-night host jokingly asked Renner if he planned to remake “That F—ing Snowblower.”

“It’s a snowcat,” Renner replied. “Where I live, it’s a necessity.”

“My mom likes to set it (the butterfly) on fire,” the Marvel star later joked. “I must learn to drive better!”

CNN’s Alicia Stanford contributed to this story.

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