Hollywood Writers’ Strike Gains Support on Capitol Hill

Representative Kate Porter (D-Calif.), currently running for Senate, encouraged the WGA and studios to negotiate immediately. “All workers must be paid fairly, including in a changing economy” He said on Twitter on Tuesday. “I join the chorus of support from Americans @WGAWest/@WGAEast And urge both parties to come to a swift agreement that honors the writers’ hard work and dedication. #WGAStrong

The tense negotiations have also drawn the attention of lawmakers outside the California delegation.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), chairman of the Senate HELP Committee, used the strike to highlight compensation disparities in the entertainment industry.

“Last year, 8 Hollywood CEOs earned nearly $800 million, but pay for TV writers has dropped 23 percent over the past 10 years. I stand with nearly 12,000 @WGAWest “Writers Strike for Fair Contract” Sanders said on Twitter TuesdayRefers to the West Coast division of the union.

The White House has been tight-lipped on the issue.

“President Biden is a strong supporter of workers’ rights to strike,” press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said at a briefing on Tuesday, but she declined to comment further when pressed by a reporter.

The current climate has “created a gig economy within a unionized workforce,” the Writers Guild of America said in a statement. “They are committed to reaching a new contract with fair pay, which reflects the value of our contribution to the company’s success and includes safeguards to ensure the survival of writing as a sustainable profession.”

The strike is expected to affect the production of current TV shows. Especially the night offeringand more in the making.

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The last WGA strike began in 2007 and continued into early 2008. It lasted for 100 days.

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