Fortnite Scores Epic Upset in Google Monopoly Test

Epic Games sued Google for anti-competitive practices and won. Epic v. A jury returned a quick verdict in the Google case, concluding that the tech giant was operating an illegal monopoly on Android devices in the form of the Google Play storefront.

The ruling included findings that not only did Google abuse the relationships between its app store and billing services to harm companies like Epic Games, but its distribution deals with video game publishers like Activision, Ubisoft, and Square Enix were monopolistic. Judge James Donato has yet to decide which remedies the court will use to fix the problems, and Google has already announced it will appeal the decision.

“Today’s ruling is a win for all app developers and consumers around the world,” Epic Games said Published on its blog On December 12. “This proves that Google’s App Store practices are illegal and that they are abusing their monopoly by overcharging, stifling competition and stifling innovation.”

After the verdict A A surprisingly bonkers investigation. There was a court case Meticulously covered by The Verge, covering everything from Google seemingly destroying evidence to the company having secret backroom deals with smartphone companies and game publishers. Google reportedly spent billions as part of “Project Hug” to try to “bribe” Activision and others not to continue giving them complete control over the Android market. The testimony appeared to show a concerted effort by Google to prevent big game companies like Epic and Riot Games from launching competing app stores on Android devices, a strategy that ultimately resulted in a ridiculously profitable 30 percent flat fee on all Google Play. Shop sales.

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Epic v. The Google verdict is to the contrary The Fortnite Manufacturer sues AppleIt kind of won but mostly lost, waiting to see if the Supreme Court will Take on appeal. In that case, a judge (rather than a jury) decided that Apple was not a monopoly, although companies could no longer prohibit users from telling users about paying directly rather than going through the App Store (a caveat Apple is still trying to overturn). Fortnite Not yet available on iPhone Complex Xbox Cloud Gaming Mode.

However, Epic’s victory in the Google case could have major ripple effects in the mobile gaming space and beyond. A big beneficiary could be Microsoft, whose $69 billion Activision Blizzard acquisition appeared to be banking on the breakup of smartphone app store monopolies. “We need to break the dual trend of having two storefronts available at major [mobile] Platforms,” Microsoft Gaming CEO, Bill Spencer, said last year.

The tech giant has hinted that it could capitalize on such mobile successes Candy Crush, Call of dutyAnd Diablo Immortals To open its own game store on mobile devices. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said recently Abandoning the mobile market was one of the company’s biggest mistakes. Doing so will allow the company to collect 100 percent of revenue through in-game microtransactions and advertising deals. Dwarfing the traditional gaming console and PC markets.

EU regulators are also putting pressure on Apple and Google Open their mobile sites And let competitors set up shop in them. The regulations, which will come into effect in 2024, may prompt other countries such as the United States to adopt similar requirements, although they will only apply to European countries.

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“Victory over Google!” Epic CEO Tim Sweeney He tweeted yesterday. “After 4 weeks of extensive court testimony, a California jury found against the Google Play monopoly on all counts. The court’s settlement work will begin in January. Thanks for everyone’s support and trust! Free Fortnite!”

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