Christmas Eve open thread: Patriots at Broncos

'Twas the night before Christmas, by Mile High
Not a single creature moved, not even a fly.
Jerseys were carefully hung by lockers,
Hopefully the NFL will soon.

All the players huddled in their threads,
As visions of Super Bowls danced in their heads.
And Bill in his hoodie, and with Sean Wiser,
I would struggle to see which coach is smarter.

Denver has seven wins and seven losses.
They are out of potential playoff ins.
The Broncos are in a tight playoff hunt,
But a loss to Detroit was tough, to be frank.

The Patriots on the field were in such a quandary,
Not having a quarterback adds to the stress.
The Mac Jones test clearly doesn't work.
We'll see his backup tonight on the NFL Network.

With a slightly older Warner and his partner Rich,
This impressive broadcast crew won't change you.
They will comment on this prime time game,
When they whistle and shout, and call the players by name;

“Now, Slater! Now, dig in! Now, Parker and Chappey!
Oh, Wilson! On that day, Sutton! That day, Simmons and Judy!
It beat the AFC East' AFC West,
Patriots or Broncos, they will be tested.

Feel free to chat with us, leave a comment below,
Tune into tonight's Sunday night show.
From Pride of Detroit, I will write this greeting:
Happy football everyone, good night everyone.

Date: Sunday, December 24, 2023
Time: 8:15 pm ET
Location: Improve the field at Mile High-Denver, CO
TV: NFL Network
Announcers: Rich Eisen, Kurt Warner, Sherry Burruss, James Palmer

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