Angel Reese says his LSU team won’t go to the White House, but the school says it will

(CNN) Louisiana State University star Angel Reese says neither he nor his team are going to the White House. The Tigers defeated the University of Iowa Hawkeyes 102-85 to win their first NCAA women’s basketball national championship.

Traditionally, national champions are invited to the White House. But after first lady Jill Biden’s comments, she suggested that Iowa should be invited earlier as well Appear to walk backReese said “I’m an Athlete” Podcast Hosts Brandon Marshall and Ashley Nicole Moss: “I don’t accept apologies for saying what you said… You can’t go back on some of the things you say… They can draw attention. We’ll go to the Obamas.’ We’re going to see Michael. We’re going to see Barack.”

Reese, who was named the women’s tournament’s MVP as a result of her outstanding performance, also said separately: “I know if the roles were reversed, they wouldn’t be the same. If we lose, we don’t lose. I’m invited to the White House.”

But on Wednesday, the school’s athletic department said they would “definitely accept the invitation.”

Speaking on Monday, Biden congratulated both teams for their performances in Sunday’s national championship game, highlighting Iowa’s athleticism in particular.

“Last night, I attended the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship,” Biden said during an event at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver.

“So, I know champions come to the White House, we always do. So, we hope LSU comes, but you know, I’m going to tell Joe [Biden] I think Iowa should come, too, because they played a good game.

Reese, a 20-year-old frontrunner, responded to Biden’s comments, calling them “a joke” on Monday, also on Instagram. Mail From “The Shade Room,” the recently crowned NCAA champion commented: “We’re not there. Period.”

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On Tuesday, Biden walked back the comments with first lady press secretary Vanessa Valdivia to say In a tweet they said, “Historic game and appreciation for all female athletes. Looking forward to celebrating LSU Tigers championship win at the White House.”

President Biden previously said LSU would be invited to the White House along with the NCAA Men’s Champions, University of Connecticut.

Reese’s teammate is Alex Morris He took to Twitter After tweeting her congratulations to Barack’s team, Michelle asked Obama if she could celebrate her team’s victory.
After LSU’s win on Sunday, head coach Kim Mulkey said the team would go to the White House if invited.

A spokeswoman for Obama declined to comment.

Meanwhile, Caitlin Clark of Iowa said on Tuesday That Iowa shouldn’t be invited to the White House.

“I don’t think runners-up usually go to the White House. I think LSU should enjoy that moment for them and congratulations, obviously, they deserve to go there. Maybe I’ll go to the White House on different terms.” Clark said. “That’s it for LSU. It’s a beautiful moment and they should enjoy every second of being a champion.”

CNN’s Jacob Lev, David Lauterbach, Ben Morse and Wayne Sterling contributed reporting.

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