A Biden aide is taking control of his 2024 re-election campaign

President Biden has approved a shakeup of his campaign leadership, and former President Donald J. As Trump seizes control of the Republican Party, he will send two top White House aides to take operational control of his re-election bid. The main competition against him.

Mr. Jennifer O'Malley Dillon, campaign manager for Biden's 2020 campaign and has served as White House deputy chief of staff since he became president, will move to and work directly at Biden's 2024 headquarters in Wilmington. The campaign's efforts, according to five people familiar with the discussions.

Mike Donilon, for decades Mr. A senior adviser who worked for Biden will move to Wilmington and become the campaign's chief strategist.

“I am grateful to both Mike and Jen for their service in the White House over the past three years, and in rejoining the campaign, I am grateful that they are once again stepping up to make sure we get the job done for the American people.” The New York Times reported Ms. O'Malley's imminent departure. Mr. Biden said in a statement later released by the White House.

Julie Chavez Rodríguez, the manager of the campaign since beginning shortly in April, is expected to retain that title.

These moves formalize a system in which Ms. O'Malley Dillon oversaw the direction of the campaign from Washington for several months and Mr. Donilon helped shape its strategy.

When the Biden campaign held a December retreat for staff at its headquarters, it was Ms. O'Malley Dillon who led the proceedings — not Ms. Chavez Rodriguez, according to two people who attended the session but were not authorized to speak publicly about it. It is.

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Donors, activists, elected officials and Mr. Other Democrats who support Biden are increasingly concerned about the campaign structure, which includes decisions big and small by White House aides and campaign workers in Delaware.

In recent months, former President Barack Obama, Mr. He met with Biden at the White House and raised concerns about the segregated arrangement. According to an account of their discussion reported by The Washington Post.

As the campaign shifts to a general election posture, Mr. Trump, who won Iowa's caucuses last week. Mr Trump won Tuesday's New Hampshire primary against Trump and Nikki Haley. The leadership change has come as a more serious attempt to contradict Biden. The former South Carolina governor is his last major Republican challenger.

Lisa Lerer Manchester, NH, and Katie Rogers From Washington.

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