50 Cent Hits Woman With Microphone Toss At Los Angeles Show: Video

50 Cent denies intentionally injuring a fan after a video of him throwing a microphone into the crowd at his Los Angeles concert went viral.

Footage obtained by USA TODAY shows the rapper throwing a microphone off the stage during a performance on stage at the Cryto.com Arena on Wednesday. The mic was apparently an “inoperative piece of equipment”. Rolling Stone And NBC News.

After a while, someone handed 50 Cent another microphone Rolling Stone reported “Clearly not working.” This time, the video shows him pushing a second mic into the same area of ​​the stage with more force. The scene took place as pyrotechnics shot into the air at the front of the stage and music continued to play.

The rapper’s attorney, Scott Lehman, denied claims his client intended to attack a fan, he told USA Today in a statement Friday.

Leeman also indicated that he spoke to the police about the incident.

“As I told the LAPD this afternoon, let’s be very clear, my client Curtis would not intentionally attack anyone with a microphone,” Lehman said. “Anyone who says something different doesn’t have all the facts and is misinformed.”

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