Flyers haven’t folded, but season could be discontinued: GM

Published on January 29, 2017

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©Adam Randell/TC Media

While weekend rumours have been circulating that the Gander Flyers have folded, General Manager Garry White said this is not the case. However, a decision on whether or not the Central hockey team will continue with the season will be made on Tuesday.

“We are not having a final meeting until Tuesday, to make sure everything we discuss up to that point is the way we want to proceed,” said White. “It’s premature to say that the team has folded.”

The Flyers have been facing is financial difficulty this season, with White, noting that revenue from ticket sales and fundraisers is down.

“We've cut a lot of expenses compared to previous years, and we thought it would make us successful this year. However,  we didn’t anticipate the drop in revenue that was waiting for us,” he said. “Our commitment was to try and finish the regular season, but the financial situation we are in and with declining interest, it might make it impossible. In its current state we can not proceed, that’s how we are looking at it.”

However, until the Central Newfoundland Hockey League is notified that the Flyers will be discontinuing the season, the team is still in the league.

“Until we officially notify the league of our decision, technically there has been no decision made.”