St. John’s comedian has a wild weekend on the west coast

Published on February 13, 2017

Colin Hollett

©Submitted photo

A race across the province, a cancelled show, a missing jacket, getting thrown in jail, a video gone viral, finding said jacket — just a typical weekend on the west coast.

“It was wild,” said Colin Hollett laughing when contacted about his interesting weekend, a lot of which has been chronicled on Facebook.

“Friday night I’m in jail, Saturday night I’m performing for the premier,” said Hollett.

“It was so much fun.”

It all started when the St. John’s-based comedian hit the road Friday destined for Corner Brook to perform at Swirsky’s on Broadway. A flat tire and tractor-trailer blocking the highway would slow him down. He reaches Deer Lake and gets a call. The show has been cancelled.

Once in Corner Brook he decides to hit downtown, to have a few drinks and promote his shows. He was at Flynn’s when he discovered his jacket was missing. Outside the bar he noticed a crowd at Subway and went there asking if anyone saw his jacket.

He was loud, which is just his nature, and someone called the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary. When the police showed up he was happy, thinking they were there to help him. That feeling was lost when the officers said, “You’re coming with us.”

He was handcuffed, put in the back of the police car, told he wasn’t under arrest, but repeatedly asked what he’d taken.

“My reactions resembled someone that was completely whacked out of his head, and I wasn’t,” said Hollett.

He knows he had a bit to drink, but said he has never done drugs.

He spent a couple of hours in a cell before a friend arrived and vouched for him.

Still missing his jacket, Hollett posted a video to Facebook Saturday afternoon pleading for its return, along with his keys and medication for his sinuses.

The video has been viewed around 113,000 times and has 2,433 shares from Newfoundland to British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta and even California.

So what happened to his jacket? Turns out it was still at the bar. Hollett figures someone took it and realizing it wasn’t theirs stuffed it behind a speaker.

He later posted another video saying he found it, but the original one keeps on getting shares and comments.

The rest of the weekend was pretty tame in comparison. He did a show in Deer Lake on Saturday night and took to the stage at Swirsky’s on Sunday, sharing his experiences as part of his act.

While some of it was unsettling at the time, it hasn’t affected his desire to come back.

But will he be avoiding the bars and the police?

“Not a chance — that’s how you get stories.”

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