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Grand Falls-Windsor youth meets goal in Janeway fundraising ride

Brock Drover gets a rousing welcome from his schoolmates as he completed his second Janeway fundraiser in honour of his brother.
Brock Drover gets a rousing welcome from his schoolmates as he completed his second Janeway fundraiser in honour of his brother.

GRAND FALLS-WINDSOR, NL-Anyone seeing Brock Drover riding his bike around Grand Falls-Windsor earlier this week may have thought it was just another child taking advantage of a couple of beautiful spring days.

But it was much more than that.

The 10-year-old was on a mission - his second annual ride for the Janeway.

“I just had the idea,” Brock said of the fundraiser’s beginning. “I was watching people bike outside and then I saw an ambulance come by and I thought of all the people who had to go to the Janeway hospital. I thought might as well do something hard like they had to go through every day.”

The ride is also for someone very special to the family’s hearts.

“Once I thought about the Janeway, I thought about my little brother,” Brock said. “He died so young. He died at four months old. I was four. He was really tiny. You could fit a ring up to his leg. That’s why he died because he was so tiny and even if he did survive he would have had some problems walking.”

The family is accustomed to neonatal intensive care units (NICU), as all three of their children spent time in hem, the third, Zachariah, at the Janeway Children’s Hospital, which the family has supported ever since.

Zachariah was born July 19, 2010, four months early, at just under one pound. He survived four months in the Janeway.

“I think that the big tragedy of losing Zachariah, something beautiful came out of it,” Brock’s mother, Marcia, said. “It got my shy little boy out of his shell, and made him a super caring brother, who adores his sister, protects his sister, and it also has given him a drive to do something amazing for a great cause.

Something really beautiful came out of a really sad situation.”

“I protect Olivia so she doesn’t end up in the Janeway,” Brock added.

Brock had a fundraising goal of $2,000 this year, and would ride 10 km for every $400 he raised.

Monday and Tuesday he rode a total of 52 km.

“That means that I completed my goal,” Brock said, adding the total amount will be announced at the Janeway Telethon on June 4, at which he will be presenting the funds between 5-5:30 p.m.

“No spoilers yet.”

Marcia biked 28 km with him, his dad, Darryl, biked six, and younger sister Olivia biked one km.

Brock received tremendous support once again from family and friends locally and online, and his entire school of Sprucewood Academy even went out to give him high fives and cheers Tuesday morning.

Constable Leo (White) found him early in the morning and gave him a reflective slap bracelet and followed him around town a few times, and Sobeys had balloons and refreshments set out for him.

“An honourable mention to SportChek, EJ tuned up my bike and a backpack for water and it had a straw,” Brock added.

And there is still time to donate, as they are accepting donations until June 3.

Donations can be dropped off at Windsor Pentecostal Church office, can be sent via e-transfer to, or by visiting Brock’s Facebook page at Brock Drover Ride For Janeway where there is a link to donate online.

“Donate soon,” Brock said, “because the funds will help the children at the Janeway.”

“It’s very important,” he said. “It could maybe buy the machines and the machines could save lives.”

Classmates took advantage of the gathering to present Brock with the proceeds of their fundraising efforts.

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