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Central mayors react to 2018 provincial budget

Budget 2018
Budget 2018 - Glen Whiffen

'Not a lot of fanfare one way or the other'

GRAND FALLS-WINDSOR, NL – Central Newfoundland mayors had a few things to say about the recently announced provincial budget.

“We’re very pleased to know that the library situation is resolved,” said Buchans Mayor Derm Corbett. “Our library was one of those that was sort of walking the line. That’s really good news, we’re pleased with that.”

Corbett said that despite the financial situation of Newfoundland, which will soon have over $15 billion in debt, it’s good to see that there are still dollars going into education for children.

“Major health care programs are still being maintained, and in some cases, like mental health, expanded,” said Corbett. “There’s certainly good things in the budget. Considering our financial situation and the dire straights we’ve been facing the last number of years, I can only see it as a positive.”

Grand Falls-Windsor Mayor Barry Manuel said council had not had the chance to discuss the budget as of March 29.

“There’s not a whole lot of fanfare one way or the other,” said Manuel. “It seems that there’s some funding there for specific purposes, but really not a whole lot of detail in terms of how that money would be spent.”

Manuel is hoping the newly announced budget can benefit Grand Falls-Windsor.

“As we’ve said with every budget each year, we want to make sure that we see some positive activity here,” said Manuel. “The forest resource has been in the news lately, and it’s important that gets utilized for the best interest of central Newfoundland. This review of Central Health is ongoing as well, and we feel that we have a great relationship with Central Health.”

Manuel added that he did not yet have the chance to read through the entire document, but said he expected to do so over Easter holidays.  

“There’s nothing really that jumps out as terrible news,” Manuel said. “And there’s nothing really that jumps out as really great news. We’ll see how things unfold, but we’re looking for some positive activity for Grand Falls-Windsor and the region.”

Manuel anticipates a more detailed discussion on the topic at the next town council meeting.

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