Song for Brad Gushue team getting attention for Grand Falls-Windsor musician

Chad Mitchell has Brier fever

Published on March 1, 2017

Grand Falls-Windsor’s Chad Mitchell is receiving some unanticipated social media attention after a song he wrote last night to encourage the Gushue curling team at the upcoming Brier has gained more than 3,400 views.

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Grand Falls-Windsor’s Chad Mitchell has Brier fever.

He wrote his first song, he titled, “Go Team Gushue Go!” and has expectantly received quite a lot of interest on Social Media since he posted it to his Facebook page Tuesday night.

More than 3,400 views as of 1 p.m. Wednesday, Mitchell is unsure how to react to the attention, and is caught off guard with it all.

“That wasn’t really the intention per se” he said. “But I’m certainly happy that it is, as you would be.”

The song, about the Gushue team, is still gaining posts.

“I just made it up last night,” he told TC Media lunch time on Wednesday.

He made it up off the top off his head, and decided to post it to share with friends and family, like he has with cover songs in the past. “I play guitar as a side hobby, I’m not very good, but I just started playing a couple chords fooling around and decided I wouldn’t mind doing a little song to show the boys that we are all rooting for them.”

Mitchell has been a curling fan in his recent adult life, and is six-years deep in curling himself in Grand Falls-Windsor. He has never attended a Brier, but he was at the Grand Slam in Paradise last year and loved it.

He’s excited to be leaving Friday to attend his first Brier.

“We’ve been tracking this since day one and when it finally got announced we got the $50 holding tickets right away so we got first dibs on the tickets,” Mitchell said. “This is the elite event in Canada. It’s a big deal.”

Canada’s best men’s curling teams will be in St. John’s March 4-12 for the 2017 Tim Hortons Brier, and Team Newfoundland and Labrador, skip Brad Gushue, third Mark Nichols, Second Brett Gallant, and lead Geoff Walker, will get to play for the Canadian title on home ice for the first time.

“Brad has never won a Brier,” Mitchell said. “He has done everything else. He wanted so badly for the Brier to come to St. John’s. I know how bad Brad Gushue wants to win it. Being a Newfoundlander and knowing what else he has done, it kind of means something to you.”