New Automated Notification System to remind patients of Endoscopy appointments

Randy Edison
Published on October 7, 2016
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The chances you’ll miss an endoscopy appointment with Central Health may have just been drastically reduced.

Central Health announced Friday that it has launched an Automated Notification System (ANS). 

The system will provide a telephone reminder several days before a patient’s scheduled appointment which will allow patients to confirm their appointment, a press release noted. This reminder will let patients confirm their appointment, while allowing other patients to be booked in unused appointment slots. 

 “We are very pleased to be able to launch this system, enabling better utilization of our resources,” said Rosemarie Goodyear, President and CEO, Central Health. “We believe this system will help us reduce the number of missed or forgotten appointments for patients who require endoscopy procedures, such as colonoscopies, thereby improving the efficiency and access to services which are two of Central Health’s priorities.” 

A reminder will be sent to the telephone number listed with Central Health. Patients are encouraged to ensure that the health authority has current information in the system. 

Patients will need to follow a set of instructions to confirm their appointment date and time.

The ANS is a province-wide initiative with Central Health being the first regional health authority to implement such a process. Over the coming weeks, the other three health authorities will launch the system for their respective regions. 

The health authorities will complete an evaluation of the system to help inform future decisions regarding potential areas and methods of expanded use, such as text messaging appointment reminders.