A kind heart

Grand Falls-Windsor family showing their support for RCMP; others welcomed to join them

Published on June 9, 2014

Seven-year-old Brock Drover of Grand Falls-Windsor is sending love and happiness to the children of the RCMP officers who were tragically shot and killed Wednesday in Moncton.

Krysta Carroll photo

While Canada followed the news of what people are calling one of the worst mass shootings in RCMP history, a young boy in Grand Falls-Windsor wanted to help.


While Canada followed the news of what people are calling one of the worst mass shootings in RCMP history, a young boy in Grand Falls-Windsor wanted to help.

Media throughout the country were busy reporting on the tragic event which took place Wednesday night in Moncton, N.B. where three police officers were shot and killed and two injured, beginning a manhunt for suspect Justin Bourque.

Knowing the children would be talking about the horrific event, Marcia and Darryl Drover sat their seven-year-old son Brock down for a talk.

“In Grade 2 the kids are very knowledgeable of news and what goes on, a lot of them watch the news and we wanted to make sure Brock got the true story and not the school kid expanded version of the story,” Marcia said.

“When we talked about it and we explained to him that there are people that are ill, and he could understand that. When we told him a couple police officers had been killed, the first thing he said was ‘do they have kids?’”

His parents told him they did have children.

“He said ‘police officers are like heroes, Mom, so their dads are heroes.” And as we talked more about it, he had it in his mind that he was going to do something for these kids because they didn’t have their daddies now,” Marcia said.

He came up with a plan to let the children of the victims know they were being thought of and to attempt to spread some joy in their lives at this difficult time.

“I heard these kids that their dad died, so I wanted to make them feel better by giving them a little gift so they won’t miss their dad very much,” Brock said.

Right away Brock, who loves to draw, got his paper and drew a picture for the children.

“In the picture there’s the police officer holding hands with a girl and a cape on her back and that’s supposed to be one of the police officers that passed away,” Marcia explained.

He wrote “your dad is special” in the bubble.

On the back he wrote his name, age and grade along with a message for the children.

“Your dad protected the town and is a hero.”

And Brock is not going to stop there.

“I’m going to buy them a present sooner or later,” he said. “I’m going to give them $15.”

That’s three weeks of his allowance, which his mom will match.

He has a message he would like to tell the children who lost their dad.

“I would like to tell them that he spent so much time protecting you.”

He said their dad is a hero.

“Not just to them but the whole town over there,” Brock said.

Marcia said Brock is a unique child. He is caring and thoughtful of other people.

“He has a hypersensitive attitude and an even bigger heart because he has been through so much…and we are definitely going to embrace and encourage anything he ever wants to do because we hope he never changes. We hope he stays the way he is,” Marcia said.

He has lost his four-month-old baby brother and then his grandma, so he relates to the kids in loosing someone you love deeply, she said.

Marcia will be sending the gifts to the police department on Tuesday. If there are other parents or children who would like to send a little bit of happiness as well, items can be dropped off to Darryl at Windsor Pentecostal Church. Marcia can be contacted marciadrover@yahoo.com.

The suspect in the tragic shooting, Justin Bourque, 24, was arrested in the early morning on Friday.

The victims are reported by other media as Constables David Ross, 32, Fabrice Georges Gévaudan, 45, and Douglas James Larche, 40. They were from the Codiac regional detachment which covers the area around Moncton, Dieppe and Riverview.

The two wounded officers were identified as Constable Darlene Gaudin, who began her police career in Grand Falls-Windsor, and Constable Éric Dubois.