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Injury to garbage operators prompts new regulations in Grand Falls-Windsor

A waste-removal service in Kippens will take people’s garbage and take it to Bay St. George.
A waste-removal service in Kippens will take people’s garbage and take it to Bay St. George.

GRAND FALLS-WINDSOR, NL – Some workers have been injured while collecting garbage in several recent incidents in Grand Fall-Windsor.

Some residents have put broken glass or needles out at the curb and the items have not been properly identified or protected.

Since these incidents occurred, the Town of Grand Falls-Windsor has updated its garbage regulations to address disposal of sharp objects, defining what are considered sharp objects, how to dispose of them properly, and how to identify these items at the curb for garbage operators’ safety.

The update to garbage regulations concerning sharp objects and medical waste is as follows:

Sharp objects:

Sharp objects such as broken glass, fluorescent light bulbs, nails, screws, razor blades, knives, metal scraps, wood splinters and similar objects may be set out for collection only if the sharp objects are placed in a cardboard box or rigid container no longer than two feet in any direction, or wrapped in cardboard and marked as such.

Containers must be taped securely, with “SHARP OBJECTS” clearly written on the box. The sharp object must not penetrate the box/container in any way that may be harmful to the garbage collector or the public.

Medical sharps and similar objects

Medical sharps, such as hypodermic needles or other similar sharp objects, must be placed in a rigid, puncture-proof container (i.e. detergent bottle) prior to being placed in the garbage. Containers must be drained of any liquid, and the lid of the container must be taped securely. The container must be placed in a regular, clear garbage bag.

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