Property damaged in Lethbridge following Targa crash

Published on September 13, 2017

A safety vehicle that went off the road did damage to this Lethbridge property.

©Mark Squibb/The Packet

LETHBRIDGE, NL- Three Lethbridge residents have had their property damaged after they claim a driver lost control of a Targa safety vehicle and veered onto private property Wednesday morning.

Ed Holloway says the safety vehicle hit his truck so hard that it pushed it out of it's original position.
Mark Squibb/The Packet

Targa has confirmed the incident.

"While checking the course in Lethbridge today, a safety vehicle hit a puddle and slid onto the grass in the rain, hitting a parked vehicle that was up on blocks and under repairs. There were no injuries and damages have been referred to Targa's insurance company," read a statement from Targa.

Targa also apologized for any inconvenience that this incident caused.

The vehicle damaged Boyd Wells and his common law partner Darlene Templeman's front porch, destroying a large section of Templeman's flowerbeds, before striking a truck belonging to Ed Holloway.

They say the race still went ahead.

"They shouldn’t be racing in the community," said Holloway,

Today's Targa race and subsequent closure of the Lethbridge road has been an area of controversy in Lethbridge, with the local service district saying, in a public notice, that they do not condone the event but cannot prevent it as the road is owned by Crown.

"The Lethbridge and Area Local Service District does not condone these events and received numerous complaints from residents of the area last year.  However, we do not have the authority to act on anything on this main road through our communities as it is a Crown Controlled Road," read the public notice released by the Lethbridge and Area LSD.

Darlene Templeman stands next to her ruined flowerbed.
Mark Squibb/The Packet

Wells says that this is not the first time he has had a negative experience with Targa— he claims that three years ago, a Targa vehicle damaged an ATV that was parked in his yard.