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The Telegram/Central Voice Fan’s Choice Entertainer of the Year award

The Telegram and The Central Voice have partnered with MusicNL to let our readers pick this year's Fans' Choice award winner.

You can vote below. While you're considering your vote, scroll down to read a few fun facts about the nominees.


Adrian Gagnon

  • Once tried to learn how to breakdance, unsuccessfully
  • Is an avid squash player
  • First favourite band was Third Eye Blind

Matt Murphy

  • Dunked for the first time in Grade 11
  • Started playing drums at age 7
  • Bon Jovi and The Rembrandts were my first favourite bands

James Piercey

  • Prefers Young Thug to Immortal Technique
  • Used to go by Jamie and now considers that a child’s name
  • Has a tenuous grasp on the concept of “fun”

Andrew Lahey

  • Has considered quitting music to pursue hacky sack professionally
  • First album owned and subsequently memorized was Boyz II Men’s “II”
  • Super power is overthinking to a super level.


  • Has had a guitar in his hands since his first birthday
  • Had two cats named Sgt. Pepper and Sadie
  • Is famously clumsy and destructive

Mark Bragg

  • Hobbies include chess and table tennis
  • Once taught circus skills at a performing arts camp
  • Loves dogs and has no time for the monarchy

The Swinging Belles

  • We have all taken turns leading a dog-sled team
  • Since our inception, we have used over 87 different bubble guns and over 30 litres of bubble liquid in our shows
  • We once cut, coloured and hole-punched 1,000 paper sheep for a gig and then flew them across the country

The Kubasonics

Brian Cherwick

  • Owns over 150 instruments
  • Spent six years crashing weddings to film polka bands
  • Has been mistaken for Jonathan Torrens, Ric Flair, Ukrainian rock star Oleg Skrypka, Doc Brown, and Beethoven

Jacob Cherwick

  • Is Canada’s leading expert in fruit-themed punk songs
  • Wrote his first song “Funderbolt” at the age of 3
  • In his spare time, does photography & videography, graphic design and sound engineering/mixing

Darren Browne

  • Has performed in 40 countries around the world
  • Appeared on “Skipper & Company” as a kid (but never got to read the mail and is still rotted about it)
  • Reads Garfield comics in Spanish

Maria Cherwick

  • Toured with the National Youth Orchestra of Canada and National Academy Orchestra of Canada
  • Her cat has his own Instagram account (@sir_calvin_)
  • Studied Ukrainian dancing at the Shumka School of Dance

Matt Hender

  • Had his hair touched by over 300 people in Ukraine
  • Played on a Juno award-winning album
  • Is known in Slovakia as Meat Ghender


Greg Bruce

  • Creates spreadsheets that help him determine the cost per 100 grams of nuts from different stores (we could not make this up, folks!)
  • Was arrested in Russia (again - this is his real life)
  • Master of "forgetting his wallet" when it comes time to pay for … anything!

Chuck Bucket

  • Loves mushrooms!
  • Can withstand the heat inside a volcano while still wearing his jacket!
  • Dolly Parton once pinched his bum!

Susan Evoy

  • Lies awake every night waiting for morning
  • Master eye roller
  • What? Me worry? - Haha! Just kidding! I worry about everything all the time!

Nicole Hand

  • Has a bachelor's degree in bassoon
  • Favourite sport is rock climbing
  • Was once mocked by Jon Stewart at a taping of The Daily Show

Chris Harnett

  • I’ve learned a Korean sword-fighting martial art called Hailing Gumdo.
  • I fix band instruments for people all over Newfoundland.
  • I was asked to play with Chubby Checker and his band when he played at Mile One in 2012 

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