In the running

Published on September 12, 2017

A ballot box

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The following are nomination results received from municipalities within the Advertiser’s coverage area:

St. Alban’s

For mayor:
Gail Hoskins
Jamie LeRoux

For council (by acclamation):
Ann Crant
Cindy Cox
Connie Willcott
Norbert Benoit
Pius Howse
Rhonda Harding

Harbour Breton
Eric Day
Roy G. Drake
Lloyd Jensen
Georgina Ollerhead
Jordan Tibbo
Bernetta Delaney
Dan Jackman
Fabian Manning
Donald Stewart

Cathleen Caines
Derm Corbett
Lance Dawe
Bill Emberley
Jim Flynn
Keith Higgdon
Thomasine Majerrison
Garry Noftle
Randy Parsons
Darren Piercey


For council:

Terry Best

Joanne Butt

Ross Butt

Ed Card

Rick Foster

Stephanie Greene

Mishelle Loder

Krista Martin

Michelle Noseworthy

Colleen Paul 

Pat Paul

Lorna Stuckless 

Bishop’s Falls 

For mayor:
Mark Brace
Bryan King

For council (by acclamation):

Rob Canning
Paul Gallant
Kirk McDonald
Barry Saunders
Doreen Tremblett


Mayor (by acclamation):
Scott Sceviour

For council:
Roy Byrne
Harold Edison
Brian Gill
Robert Hancock
Vera Hancock
Chris Ivany
Barry Parsons
Murray Roberts
Trevor White
Dennis Woolridge

Northern Arm

For council (by acclamation):
Fred Butler
Lloyd Hunter
Brian Mercer
Debbie Mercer
Michael Tremblett