Lewisporte resident wants visitors for her 100th birthday

Open call for birthday visitors for central Newfoundland centenarian

Published on May 15, 2017

Victoria Compton (left) pictured with daughter Isabelle of Lewisporte. Isabelle’s mother Victoria will be turning 100 on May 19, and the only thing she wants for her birthday is a bit more company.

LEWISPORTE, NL - Victoria Compton has almost lived for 100 years, and after all that time, the only thing she wants for her birthday is visitors. Lots of visitors.

Compton currently resides at the long-term care facility in Lewisporte, formerly North Haven Manor. Her daughter Isabelle and staff at the facility have planned a party at the facility for Compton on May 19 to celebrate her 100 years, but Compton has no interest in waiting.

“That don’t bother me,” said Compton of her upcoming party. “It’s nice to have visitors… I’d like to see more people coming.” 

Compton’s roommate was recently moved to another area of the residence during the day and she says the lack of company has been a difficult adjustment. So Compton is issuing an open call for visitors, with the approval of staff and her daughter.

Compton has four children; her three sons live off the Island, while her daughter lives close by in Lewisporte.  

Two of Compton’s sons will make the trip home for the celebration; the third is prevented from travelling for health reasons.

“All the family will be here now Wednesday or Thursday,” said Isabelle. “The other two are coming, and their families too.” 

When asked if there was a secret to her longevity, Compton says there is nothing she can say for certain.

“I don’t know what to tell you,” said Compton. “But when I was young, I had a lot of fun.” 

The Lewisporte Health Centre, formerly North Haven Manor, is located at 21 Centennial Dr. in Lewisporte. Anyone wishing to visit Compton is asked to report to the second floor nursing station for directions.