Wabush 3 work now underway

Big investment for Labrador West

Published on July 7, 2017

Work has finally started on the iron ore company of Canada's Wabush 3 project.

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After several years of anticipation, work has finally started on the iron ore company of Canada's Wabush 3 project.

Dexter mining of Labrador West has been awarded the primary earth works contract to build the new mining pit. Dexter will employee about 70 people on the project.

The earth works project will include , tree clearing, a sediment fence, overburden removal development drilling and blasting, and construction of culverts ,pipelines, roads, a berm and a sediment pond.

In a release from Rio Tinto, the company says the new pit will strengthen the sustainability of the operation, which will extend the life of the mine and benefit future generations in Labrador West.

The first ore from the pit is expected in the second half of 2018. Wabush 3 is adjacent to the Luce pit. Rio Tinto say Wabush 3 will also reduce operating costs and increase production of quality grade iron ore concentrate and pellets. The project approved this spring is a 79 million dollar investment by the company.

Safety is an important aspect of the Wabush 3 project. Signs are being placed in the immediate development area, and permanent signs will be put in place in the next few weeks along the entire clearance area of Wabush 3.

These signs will have QR codes that people can scan. That will take them to IOC's twitter account, which will have blast information.

Work crews will be transported to the site from the access road near the new hospital, until the project is completed. As well, IOC will implement a new updated blast notification system. Digital signs will be placed at the access road near the hospital, and on Smokey mountain road. A new siren system will be installed and blast notifications will be on IOC's twitter and Facebook accounts.

The work on this part of the development is expected to last until mid-August.