Recognition for Newfoundland Power’s Victoria Hydroelectric Plant

Published on June 29, 2017

Monty Hunter, senior mechanical engineer with Newfoundland Power, accepted the 2017 Hydro Hall of Fame award for the Victoria Hydroelectric Plant on the company’s behalf from Marla Barnes, publisher and chief editor of PennWell’s Hydro Group.

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The second hydroelectric plant built by Newfoundland Power was inducted into the Hydro Review’s Hydro Hall of Fame this week.

Gary Murray, Newfoundland Power’s vice president of engineering and operations, called the award recognizing the Victoria Hydroelectric Plant an honour.

“We have a long standing tradition of proudly serving the people of this province since 1885, and this plant is an example of the role that we have played in the development of industry, business and community for more than 130 years,” he said in a news release.

The Hydro Hall of Fame recognizes extraordinary hydro achievements throughout the world with a special emphasis on long-lasting facilities.

The Victoria Hydroelectric Plant generated electricity for the first time on Nov. 7, 1904. Turbine and generator additions followed in 1907 and again in 1914.

The plant, which currently supplies approximately 550 kilowatts of power to the provincial electricity system, was declared a provincial historic site in 1985.

“This plant stands as a monument to the entrepreneurs who started it, and to the engineers and trades people that built it over 110 years ago when the development of hydroelectric power was being pioneered,” Murray added. 

“Today, our Victoria Hydroelectric Plant continues to provide clean, renewable low-cost electricity.”

Newfoundland Power’s Petty Harbour Hydroelectric Plant, commissioned in 1900 and the first of its kind in the province, was inducted into the Hydro Hall of Fame in 2003.

The Hydro Review is a leading hydro magazine in North America. The induction took place at the HydroVision International conference in Denver, Colo.