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(This letter was forwarded to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.)

In reference to the young boy that was left to freeze to death on the ice in Labrador, I listened to the real admiral make excuses that province to be untrue, such as ceiling and visibility, but then he settled on the fact that he had to keep all systems ready to go for a real emergency. Let's say that is true, there are no pressing emergency situations at the moment, but we have to remain vigil and we cannot afford to risk a real emergency occurring so we have to keep all systems ready to go, there we we cannot fly any assistance to Labrador.

If that is the real situation, then how is it that a SAR helicopter was able to pick up Peter MacKay on the Gander River? Would that also be risking sending out the SAR services and risking a real emergency situation not being fully prepared and ready to go? Why was it they did not turn down Peter MacKay's request in case a real emergency developed? I am trying to see the reasoning behind this and cannot get any answers, other than the fact that in Newfoundland, you get less than the rest of the country. Is this the reality?


Geographic location: Newfoundland, Gander River

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  • Central Girl
    April 10, 2012 - 22:20

    Was wondering if the Advertiser could let the public know when and if Stephen Harper responds to this letter.