Why the terrorists really hate us

Clayton Hunt
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The various TV news channels recently carried some excellent coverage of the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York City on September 11, 2001. On that day of infamy about 3,000 innocent people died in New York, people who were about their daily work in providing a living for themselves and a home for their families.

When you hear and read about the infamous 9-11 attacks we often hear that the terrorists hate us. Why? Why do these extremists groups hate us in the Western World so much?

The official reason these groups may give is that Western countries, especially the United States, support Israel. Of course, Israel is the sworn enemy of many of these groups such as the Taliban and al Qaeda.

While our support of Israel may be the official reason they give for hating us, there are a number of other reasons for their paranoia as well.

One of the key reasons those groups hate us is really very simple - it's that we support and encourage the advancement of women in the West while these extremists view women as the bane of existence. Extremists groups such as the Taliban in Afghanistan love to keep their women in burkas and like to severely punish women for the slightest infraction such as showing their faces in public or for seeking an education.

We've gotten rid of these silly notions in the West and the Taliban hate us for that.

They hate the fact that in the Western World (North America and Europe) we allow young girls and women the right to an education. We don't throw acid in women's faces because they go to school as has happened in Afghanistan. In their crazy world women would be kept forever illiterate.

They hate us because Western women have equal rights under the law in property, marriages and in divorce cases. In the insane extremist world, women would have no rights at all.

We encourge women to be active and full participants in our work force. With their education, we have women engineers, lawyers, judges, teachers, doctors, vessel captains, politicians and political leaders and the list goes on and on and on. The terrorists hate that as they feel a woman's place is literally at home and raising children.

Women in the West are free to marry whom they choose or not to marry at all if they so choose. Women in the West are delaying marriages until their late 20s or mid-30s because they want to be in the work force. The extremists hate this as they believe marriages should be arranged for most, if not all, women.

In the West, women are free to dress without the primitive idea of having to cover their faces in public. Women can go to beaches in North America wearing very little and in some European countries, which are way more liberal than North America, less clothing than that again. Extremist groups like the Taliban want women covered from head to toe and not show any parts of their bodies to men. The way Western women dress is an abomination in extremists eyes.

In the West women are allowed to do things that we simply take for granted such as taking a sick child to a doctor. There was a case in Afghanistan when it was under Taliban rule where a young mother didn't have a male relative to accompany her with a sick child to a doctor. She risked going out alone to seek medical help for her child. She was spotted by a young Taliban guard who promptly shot her because she was not accompanied by a male relative. And you wonder why we should have troops in Afghanistan?

One key point we should probably remember in all of this is that the extremists groups do not represent the views of most of their countrymen or religious groups. Changes are coming to countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and the rest thanks in large part to the Internet. Young people want freedoms in their lives and it's going to happen whether the Taliban like it or not. Young women in these countries don't want to dress in burkas and they want an education and basic freedoms.

In the meantime we have to keep very vigilant against Terrorists attacks as they believe their cause is just and moral and right. They won't give up easily and more cowardly attacks will very likely happen in the West.

So, it's important that we always remember what happened on September 11, 2001 and realize that these people should not have died in vain.

In that end, every freedom loving country, including Canada, should have armed forces in Afghanistan in fighting these extremist and to let them know that we will fight them to the bitter end.

Organizations: Taliban, World Trade Centre, Al Qaeda

Geographic location: Afghanistan, Israel, New York City North America United States Europe Iraq Canada

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Recent comments

  • Mike
    March 09, 2012 - 08:58

    I don't agree with it either. I agree with the comment writer. Also keep in mind its the people of the western world that are destroying the planet. Not taliban or et al. It's the group of people you are referring to

  • John
    October 03, 2011 - 06:34

    I don't agree with this article. I believed it's timed to compensate for the growing unpopularity of the war. Instead of simply reacting, why don't we think about some of the stuff that has happened. Understanding brings clarity. We keep reminding ourselves of the terrible deed committed on Sept. 11 when 3000 innocent people were killed. It was terrible but how many innocents have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan? The Russians fought the Afghans for about 10 years while the Afghans were supported by the US, UK, and many other countries. Perhaps a few Afghans died then. When the US jumped in with guns blazing in the next war experienced by Afghanistan starting in 2001, 6,300 to 23,000 civilians died by direct and indirect actions of the US-led fighters. I think this is a very conservative estimate. To date, they say is it around 30,000. Do you really think they they are upset they we let women vote? Or that we are 'free'? Then on top of all that, once a country gets destroyed, as witnessed in Iraq, the 'victors' roll in with contractors to rebuild the country as they see fit. Not giving the few remaining able-bodied men a job and no hope for the future. How would you react? Most everyone there have been negatively affected by this war which continues even though there is a depression going on. Do you think the US and Canada and others are there to let the local women were regular clothes? Why don't we send our troops to North Korea so that the locals there can eat? It's the simple fact that Afghanistan is sitting on an abundance of resources that the corporate led governments are working very hard to liberate. It's not the people. I'm not down on our soldiers. Don't get me wrong. There comes a time to fight but this is not it. This is a war for all the wrong reasons. Leave foreign countries alone and let them evolve as they will. Much of the propaganda put on mainstream media is exactly that. When you view the 'facts', more questions come to light. How did building 7 collapse again?