What fairy tales are made of

Clayton Hunt
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By the time you get to read this, Kate Middleton will have gotten her prince and the wedding of the decade or, as some say, of the century will be over.

Why was there so much fuss over this royal wedding? Why did billions of people around the world watch the special nuptials?

Maybe the answer is very simple – this is what fairy tales are made of.

Kate Middleton was born into an average middle class family and was what the royals call a commoner. She met Prince William in 2001 when they were both studying art history at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

While Kate didn’t have any royal blue blood flowing in her veins, she was very attractive and Prince William was smitten to the point where they quickly became friends and the two started dating.

The couple parted ways in 2006 as William said he wanted to meet other girls and felt he was too young to marry at that time. However, he quickly realized that Kate was the one, the flames of love were rekindled the same year and the rest, as they say, is history.

So, there you have it. A commoner from a small community called Bucklebury meets her Prince Charming who falls for her and eventually makes her his bride. You can’t make this stuff up any better than that. It’s like a modern day fairy tale.

People of nearly all generations watched the royal wedding for other reasons too.

Many young girls around the world wished they were Kate Middleton on April 29 or were wishing that at least what happened to Kate might happen to them.

One day you’re an ordinary girl and the next you’re the most famous woman on the planet. You’re swamped by the paparazzi that all want to get that special picture of you. Your face is on every magazine and you’re hobnobbing with the rich, the famous and the infamous – the most interesting people in the world.

 And, probably best of all, you’re the center of attention at every party and every social function you attend. And you can have anything your heart desires. It doesn’t get much better that that.

Many people of an older generation watched the royal wedding as well, probably for different reasons.

The wedding reminded the older crowd of a younger time that they probably wished they could revisit and be young again.

So, for whatever reason billions of people watched the royal wedding, let’s hope that Kate and William will be happy and that, like in all the fairy tales, they live happily ever after.


Organizations: University of St. Andrews

Geographic location: Scotland

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