Town terrorized by polar bear

Ian Murdoch
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Breaks into houses, startles residents in Northern Peninsula community

Polar bear that terrozide Goose Cove on March 29.

Goose Cove — Residents of Goose Cove were startled this morning after a polar bear tore through the small fishing town on the Northern Peninsula, breaking into houses and killing at least four animals.

The Department of Natural Resources said a conservation officer was contacted early this morning to respond, along with the RCMP, after reports of the bear’s visit.

The animal, estimated to be 300 to 350 pounds, smashed windows, doors and gates, causing damage to four homes.

Mike Sexton, a 50-year-old resident of Goose Cove, said he’s never seen such a thing in his life.

Sometime around 4 a.m., the bear smashed a window out of his house and then proceeded to terrorize the animals in the small barn some 50 feet from the Sexton home.

It managed to break through the barn gate, something Sexton said even his three-year-old ram couldn’t accomplish, and dragged out and killed a ewe, a lamb and two ducks.

Sexton’s cat was missing as well, although it was unknown if the bear had gotten to it.

“I didn’t expect a bear would ever do it,” said Sexton.

Up the street, the bear broke into Dana Reardon’s patio door.

 Dana said his brother, Damien, beat on the table and pushed on chairs to scare the bear out of the house while his father went to grab a gun.

“He just came on up, opened the door and came on in,” said Dana.

There was a seven-year-old in the house at the time.

“She woke up frightened to death,” he said. “We’re gonna bar up the door and hope they don’t come back no more.”

Ed Reardon had two of his windows smashed in during the melee.

He heard the bear outside at around 4 a.m. after it startled him from his sleep.

“I heard the racket,” he said. “I went back to sleep and then I heard another noise. I thought perhaps it was raining.”

He went to inspect what the noise was all about and discovered two windows shattered and letting in the cold air.


No people were injured in during the rampage.

A Department of Natural Resources public relations official said via email that the department had planned on tranquilizing the bear and had requested a helicopter in the event that they could put it to sleep.

However, the weather was not suitable for flying.

Meanwhile, the polar bear had turned back towards Sexton’s barn, where it had killed the animals and was “aggressive and believed to be a danger to the public,” according to the official.

“The decision was made by the Department of Natural Resources and the RCMP that it should be put down in the interest of public safety.”

Residents of Goose Cove said the bear was shot around 8 a.m., up on the hill behind Sexton’s barn.

The Department of Natural Resources said, “the bear is now government property and will be taken to a local taxidermist.”

 The Northern Pen/Transcontinental Media


(Earlier story)

An aggessive polar bear that broke into several houses and a barn early this morning in the Northern Peninsula town of Goose Cove was finally shot and killed by wildlife officials.

No one was injured but residents were shaken up.

The bear did kill a ewe, a lamb and two ducks while in the barn.

The polar bear began its attack about 4:30 a.m. It smashed doors and windows.

The bear was killed about 8 a.m.

The Department of Natural Resources estimates the polar bear weighs between 300-350 pounds.


Resident Mike Sexton said the gate to his barn was destroyed by the polar bear, something that not even his three-year-old ram could do. The polar bear smashed a window in Sexton's house before heading to the barn where it killed some of his animals.


Organizations: Department of Natural Resources, RCMP

Geographic location: Goose Cove, Northern Peninsula

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